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Our pressure washing company can make that surface shine

From driveways to patios, our team at Total Cleaning in Glasgow can provide a professional pressure washing service that takes care of any grime. Enquire now.


Is that surface looking worse for wear? 

Driveways, patios, paths – they all take a beating over the years, with dirt and other contaminants slowly making their presence felt on both an aesthetic and a structural level. It can also lead to the build up of moss, which looks unsightly and is slippery to boot. Beyond all that though, moss holds in moisture, which can accelerate the deterioration of your driveway, patio or path and shorten its lifespan. If this is the kind of thing that you’re seeing on your property, then contact Total Cleaning for our pressure washing service. We can make that surface gleam again.

"Had a really positive experience when the team came to my site.
Really great attitude from the get-go and their work was impeccable, would use them and would recommend their work to anyone."

- ALEX K via

Water Drops
Pressure Washer on Stairs

Our pressure washing team can sort it 

Our specialist pressure washing service at Total Cleaning can take on any job of any scale. Our team is fully trained and have the latest pressure washing tech at their disposal to make short work of any grime. The results we achieve meet the highest standards and we achieve them on a consistent basis. We’ve over 30 years as a respected commercial cleaning company, and over that time we’ve continually honed our service so that it’s as effective and efficient as possible. Call to get your quote today.

Our pressure washing service is available in:

Glasgow / Ayr / Kilmarnock / East Kilbride / Hamilton / Paisley / Falkirk / Cumbernauld / Airdrie / Greenock / Ayrshire / Edinburgh / North and South Lanarkshire

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Make those surfaces blemish-free with a professional pressure washing treatment from Total Cleaning!

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