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A row of detached newly built houses on a development

Stay on top of any building detritus with our new build cleaning service

The mess can’t keep piling up. Ensure the steady removal of all that building rubbish with our new build cleaning service at Total Cleaning in Glasgow. Call now to discuss, we cover the region.


The rubbish can’t keep piling up indefinitely

As a build goes on, more and more debris starts to collate. Bricks and mortar and paint and plaster. And lots and lots of dust. If it’s not cleared in due course, the site becomes less of a construction site and more of an accident just waiting to happen. The detritus needs to be cleared smoothly and steadily so that the site continues to be a safe place to work. It takes the right kind of cleaning team to do that. One that has the right equipment and the right people to ensure results that do the job but which don’t unduly impact the work that your team is carrying out. We can provide that service here at Total Cleaning.

"Had a really positive experience when the team came to my site.
Really great attitude from the get-go and their work was impeccable, would use them and would recommend their work to anyone."

- ALEX K via

New build houses

Stay in control with our cleaning company

Get in touch with our team here at Total Cleaning and enlist the services of our new build cleaning service. Each member of the team is fully trained and we make sure that they have the right equipment available so that all cleaning work is as efficient as possible. We operate in line with the highest industry standards, both when it comes to the work and to the safety of our practices. An experienced management team is always in place to ensure work is coordinated. With 30 years in the trade, you can trust us to deliver the service you need.

Our new build cleaning service is available in:

Glasgow / Ayr / Kilmarnock / East Kilbride / Hamilton / Paisley / Falkirk / Cumbernauld / Airdrie / Greenock / Ayrshire / Edinburgh / North and South Lanarkshire

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Don’t stop for mounting rubbish when you don’t have to. Get it cleaned up with Total Cleaning!

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